interstate-removalistsIt is a big deal when you are moving and it is an even bigger deal when you are moving interstate.  Choosing the right interstate removalist can be task in itself and choosing the wrong one can be a nightmare you’ll remember for the rest of your life.  To help you select a professional interstate removalist for your interstate move you’ll want to ask them a few important questions, questions that may seem relatively simple but you’ll be glad that you asked.

1. What makes you different from other interstate removal companies?

Unless you move frequently and deal with many interstate removal companies you’ll know little about what each company has to offer.  This question will give the removalists a chance to sell themselves to you.   After all, it is you that will be paying them in the end, so quickly knowing their best selling points will help you differentiate between moving companies.

2. Are there any other hidden costs?

This is an extremely important question as there is nothing worse than allowing yourself a budget to work with and then getting slugged with some extra hidden costs that you didn’t account for right from the beginning.  There are no problems with hidden costs as long as they are reasonably justifiable and the interstate removalists are upfront about it.  Some fees such as a one off fuel charge or travel back to base fee may apply if the distance travelled is a long one.  You will obviously need to check with each individual removalist and understand the charges but most of the time interstate removalists tend to provide fixed price quotes and would have already factored in all costs involved.

3. What happens if there are damages to my items during Transit?

It is the general nature of the business even if you are the best professional interstate removalist in the business and no matter how diligent you are at packing the items in the removal truck.  Furniture is design to be assembled at their new home, not transported while upright and the chances are, some items will inevitably move while in transit and especially over long distances as this greatly increases the risk of damage and breakages.  Some removalists have a personal indemnity clause in their contract if you accept their quote, noting they are unable to accept any responsibility for damage to your items or property.  This is in place for their own best interest but there are also many interstate removal companies who will no doubt out of goodwill own up and reimburse you for your damaged items if it arises due to their own negligence.  So asking this question will give both parties an understanding of what will happen if the unforeseen does happen.

4. Do you offer Transit Insurance?

Now due to the implementation of the Financial Services Reform Act(FRSA), it has changed the way that Removal companies can arrange transit and storage insurance for their customers.  Since March 2004 when the new law has been put into place, it means that it is now illegal for any removalist to offer, sell or provide insurance to customers without being an authorised representative of a licensed insurer.  Hence only those that hold a valid insurance license can offer Transit and Storage insurance to its customers.  With this in mind, there are different levels of cover with Transit insurance with either full insurance or restricted insurance.  Full insurance covers any damage to the customer’s items from the time when the customer’s items are being loaded onto the removalist’s truck to the time of the last item being unloaded off the removalist’s truck.  Whereas, restricted insurance covers damaged items in the event of a truck fire or an overturned truck.  With either option, it is the customer’s responsibility to bear the additional cost and accept the insurance policy.

Remember moving interstate is a big deal and getting it done right is extremely important so knowing and asking these questions to your interstate removalist before going ahead with the quote will give you greater confidence that you have selected the right removalist for the job and a peace of mind knowing how your items will be covered during the transit.

Good luck with your interstate move.

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