How can you be so sure that your dream is to open a farm if the only time you saw one of them was a paying restaurant customer?

Needless to make fun of yourself. The only way to understand if such an important choice as opening a farm is what you really want is direct experience.


Nothing could be simpler.

Whether you live in the city or in the country, you will surely know a farmer, a relative, an agricultural entrepreneur, someone who has been working the land for years and is willing to be helped by you.

Do not you know anyone?

Well, start looking for him.

Do you live far away and you do not know how to reach it?

Well, reach it anyway, working the land requires sacrifice.

You work all week and you do not have time?

Do not talk nonsense, everyone has free days, at least one a week.

Do not you want to waste your only free day, to go to work the land, maybe getting up at dawn?

Very well, you’ve already figured out by yourself that opening a farm is not for you.

Do not blame it, it’s better to find out before signing the mortgage with the bank.

Do you always work, even on Sundays and you only have two weeks of vacation a year?

Well, you already know the answer.

If you do not work, maybe you’re young and have free time, why not try a nice outdoor experience?

You do not need money but only will and desire to do.


With the famous wwofing.

Working in exchange for food and accommodation is a free way to learn the trade, gain experience and understand if life as an agricultural entrepreneur is the life you desire.

Or contact the farms in the area directly to ask if they need workers. Some useful sites:


If you have reached this point in the article I take it for granted that you are now aware of the sacrifices required to work the land, manage animals etc. etc.

I take it for granted that you have gained direct experience in the field and you are not totally without knowledge.

After all, you are still convinced that your dream is to open a farm.

Very well, let’s see how to do it, the legislation of reference and who to contact for help and advice in the first person.

The starting point is undoubtedly the entrepreneurial idea to be pursued.

The business project must have both feasibility and innovation characteristics.

A young person who tries to look out on the agricultural market will probably have the potential to have an innovative idea to realize in a concrete business project.

At the end of the article I will list a series of ideas to start up your own farm.

Once the agricultural idea to be developed is clear, the analysis phase will start : study of the climatic, physical and chemical characteristics of the territory, possible study of the competition and analysis of the likely sales outlets of the product.

This aspect should never be underestimated.

Think of the uselessness of producing excellent agricultural products but not having a real market outlet.

After verifying the feasibility of the project, it will be time to pass the facts creating the farm itself and trying to access funding for the development of the agricultural enterprise.

To get all the information you need to contact the offices of Coldiretti and inquire for the necessary procedure to access regional, Italian and European funds.

To deepen the discussion, you can consult some resources on the net.

Whatever your intentions, gather as much information as possible. Take part in meetings on the topic, attend farms, and above all read my ebook 

Open farm: how to become an agricultural entrepreneur

Your dream is to open a farm but I do not know where to start?

Well, let’s take this path to discover how to open a farm together.

The article will deal with all the variables involved, it will not fool anyone or lend anyone.

The aim is to give a clear picture of the legislation and the issues involved, but taking into account the advantages of being independent and having a gratification from one’s work.

Do not be scared by the bureaucracy, the potential to open an agricultural business is there, but you need an innovative approach to diversify the activities and reach the final customer.

In fact, a well-structured Italian farm has enormous potential for profit, yet it must learn to reach the final customer and open up to foreign markets.

In fact, there is no successful farm linked only to the difficult world of large-scale retail where quality is not rewarded.

If you want to know more, if your dream is to become a farmer , you just have to read this written guide with the utmost passion and commitment


If the challenges do not scare you, I want to remember a popular saying rooted in Italian culture.

To emphasize the importance of this sentence, I insert it in uppercase and bold. Just not to say then: ” Ohh well you did not tell me anybody” . The sentence, to keep well in mind is:


And yes friends, the earth is low, very low. The meaning is easy to understand but very important.

Working the land, living in the open air 365 days a year, is not the same thing as the out-of-town trip during the spring months.

The only love for nature, the desire to escape from the office, it is absolutely not enough to give up everything and improvise agricultural entrepreneurs.

Having a farm involves working 365 days a year, Sundays cease to exist, even births.

There will not be only taxes and bad years to ruin your life.

Managing a farm involves a considerable amount of work.

I have talked to many farmers and they can confirm this.

I do not want to dishearten anyone, I just want to warn you from the junk articles that exist on the net that only think about the views and the internet traffic, completely ignoring what it means to delude people.

After the due initial warning , if you are still convinced that fatigue does not scare you, you have the courage and the tenacity to move on, let’s see how to start to structure our idea of ​​opening a farm.