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Kripton Star Farmers Market

Saturdays (8am – 2pm), Alameda, CA

Visit to the castle and gastronomic tasting in a romantic setting of other times, with musical accompaniment.

Jack London Farmers Market

Tuesdays (10am – 2pm), Oakland, CA

The opportunity for young and old to live a unique experience as the day of the mountain dairy, from early morning to milking with the soundtrack of cowbells.

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

Thursdays (10am – 2pm), SF, CA

“Adopt a cow” is a nice initiative of Valsugana and Lagorai born to raise awareness of the uncontaminated nature of these mountains, to teach how cheese is made according to ancient methods and to understand what it means to live in a hut and bring cows to the pasture.


After the first world biotremology congress, the Edmund Mach Foundation organizes the second edition of the reference event for the study of communication based on vibrations emitted by animals. From September 4 to 7 in Riva del Garda opens the curtain on Biotremology 2018 with about seventy scientists from Europe, the United States, Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, China and Russia.

100% Organic

At the Office for the Quality of Agri-food Productions, they compete in the promotion and orientation of food consumption in compliance with national and provincial regulations. The structure also deals with the detection and control of data on food requirements, the care of consumer information and the mapping of provincial agro-food productions. In this regard we can mention some activities of the past few years such as the creation of information dossiers on some food products, food frauds, organic farming, etc.

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"agripasticciera", offers hazelnut based kits to make sweet and savory dishes at home. He wants to create a hazelnut pole in Umbria.

Mariangela Stoppini, 28 years old

Mauris porta nulla vitae aliquam luctus. Vestibulum non tempus libero. Sed ultricies diam ligula, vitae vestibulum lectus.

– Victor Novak, Califor Agro Ltd.

has created a natural ketchup sauce and has also exported it to the States. His motto? Italians do It Better.

 Bernardino Nardelli, 32

and Antonio Braico, 35, have turned their clementine calabre into snacks for snacks.

Francesco Rizzo, 30

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Electric bus – the future is here now

A bus electrical system can be described as a group of interconnecting busbars mounted in buses. The bus bars can have either a front- or rear-end. This bus electrical system carries power and controls the movements of the buses.

Bus manufacturers provide different bus electrical systems according to the need of bus passengers. These buses have a small engine that can carry the weight of the passengers. The bus electrical system connects the engine with the brake system, transmission, and clutch system. All these systems work together to move the bus from one place to another. The bus’s electrical system helps control the bus’s movement by maintaining a constant voltage between the battery and the engine.

Difference between electric buses and streetcar buses

The major difference between electric buses and streetcar buses is the fact that streetcars have overhead wires. These wires create a lot of obstructions on the roads and are a safety hazard in itself. There is a possibility of an accident with overhead wires because there are high chances that they will come loose and fall on the ground. This is why electric bus systems do not have overhead wires; they use a different system called the trackless trolley, enabling them to pass through heavy traffic without creating any obstructions.

The trackless trolley is a very flexible system, and it can be used in conjunction with the regular overhead wires. This means that electric buses can travel along the motorway type roads and pavements without any obstructions. Even though trackless trolleys are a very good alternative to overhead wires, they are not the only ones. There are numerous alternative options that you can use for your motorway travel.

One of these options is the trackless trolley bus. An electric bus is the best alternative if you are looking at traveling on the roads during the night. Using trackless trolleys, you do not have to worry about the vehicle’s safety because they do not have any lights. The main problem with the traditional overhead wires is that they do have lights, which makes the driver’s job difficult. Therefore, if you want to avoid driving in the dark, you should choose an electric trolley coach.

However, the most popular use for these buses is in San Francisco. The reason for this is the ease with which these vehicles can move. There are many buses which can easily accommodate hundreds or even thousands of people. These vehicles are operated on a progressive system that includes both the diesel engine and the electric powered motor. This enables the electric bus to travel at faster speeds than even the most luxurious of trolleys.

There are two types of bus electrical systems- front-end bus and back-end bus electrical system. Both these bus electrical systems have many sub-systems. Bus manufacturer helps in maintaining all the electrical bus systems. If any failure occurs in the bus electrical system, then the bus manufacturer sends the vehicle to the back yard to rectify the fault. Bus manufacturers provide full support for the bus electrical system, including spare parts replacement, repair, maintenance, testing, and new connections.

The bus electrical system is normally installed inside the bus itself. But if it is installed outside the bus, manufacturers provide bus experts in bus electrical work who will handle all the problems. They will help in the detection and repair of any bus electrical system fault. If you are looking for bus electrical services, you need to give them a call to send a technician to your bus stop. They will charge you according to the rate of work that they will do.

Things to keep in mind when buying safety equipment supplies

It is imperative for companies to take care when they are buying safety equipment. Failure to purchase the right kind of safety equipment might result in unavoidable circumstances. There would be the problem of lost time and productivity as well as having to pay compensation to the worker who suffered injuries due to this issue.

On the other hand buying safety equipment is quite expensive and therefore should only be done after careful consideration. If you go for the cheapest deal you are definitely going to land in trouble. Before you buy personal safety equipment from a supplier it is important that an audit should be carried out regarding the facilities and the practices which they offer. It is important to know what kind of safety equipment and gear should be bought for the workers.

An audit of all the following should be conducted:

  • The number of people who would require the protective equipment.
  • Areas which require warning signs and barriers
  • Emergency kits for workers
  • Testing out the protective gear

In order to carry out whether the equipment is reliable, it is important that an audit should be carried out on a regular basis.

All companies should keep the following things in mind:

Tips for buying the right safety equipment supplies

  • All companies should have an idea of the number of safety equipment which they would require throughout the year. It is necessary that they stick to this number and also take into account the variant and the lost items. However buying more than what is required might only result into many products which are near expiry.
  • Make sure that you talk to the supplier if you are a bulk buyer or a reputed customer. You might even get protective gear for free safety audits.
  • Make sure that you are not swayed by the lower prices of protective equipment. It is important that you only invest in high quality materials.
  • It is important to keep yourself updated by reading industry journal and trade publications. This can prove to be a valuable resource which would help you know all the necessary safety equipment and new products and processes.
  • You also need to keep track of all the equipment that has been issued to your employees. It would help you keep an eye out on all the items and prevent theft. If your safety equipment gets worn out pretty quick it is a sign that maybe you are not buying the right product for the services which you require.
  • It is also important to educate your employees on the proper use of this protective equipment. There are some suppliers who are willing to give a demonstration for using each of their protective gear and that too free of cost. Make sure that you benefit from this facility of educating your staff regarding the use of different protection gear.

By following the above-mentioned tips you would be able to find the right company to provide you with safety equipment solutions.

Importance of Regular Boat Detailing Gold Coast

Residents living in the Gold Coast commonly own a boat. Living close to the large areas of water makes owning a boat irresistible. It does not matter whether the boat owned is pretty fancy or ordinary: what’s important is to keep it well-maintained throughout its lifetime.

The regular maintenance of your boat is the smartest way to extend its longevity. That’s why regular boat detailing, Gold Coast is important. Boat detailing, Gold Coast can either be entrusted to the professionals or DIY.

Whatever the choice, the boat detailing process is crucial for maintaining your boat in tip-top condition at all times.

The process of boat detailing includes:

A thorough rinse of the boat

A proper rinse of the boat is the first step to boat detailing. Properly rinsing the boat helps to get rid of any loose dirt or debris. Knocking off loose dirt and debris is important before you begin scrubbing.

Scratching or damaging the boat’s finish happens when you inadvertently scrub any debris while detailing its exterior. Branches and plants are perfect examples of debris that can scratch or damage the beautiful finish of your boat.

Using the right soap to thoroughly scrub the boat

Scrubbing the boat is the next step after it has been subjected to a thorough rinse. Scrubbing the boat sounds simple enough, yet, planning it well is needed to do it right.

For one thing, using the proper soap made specifically for cleaning boats should be the option. However, not any boat soap should suffice. The finish of your boat should be the determining factor in the choice of soap.

Needless to say, the appearance or finish of your boat will be adversely affected by the wrong choice of soap. On the other hand, protecting the exterior of the boat from toxins, debris, and algae is achieved with the right soap.

A thorough buffing

The thorough cleaning of your boat could also take out some of its former shine and lustre. Buffing the boat’s surface quickly resolves the issue. Giving the boat’s exterior a thorough buff is the perfect way to make it look bright, shiny, and almost brand-new.

Make waxing a part of the boat detailing

The most neglected tasks in the boat detailing process are buffing and waxing. Yet, taking the time to buff and wax your boat not only makes it look great: it is also the smartest way to protect the boat’s exterior from quickly collecting debris and grime.

A high-quality wax specifically geared for boats will do wonders for the appearance and finish of your boat.

Interior detailing should be part of the deal

Often, interior detailing is a task that many boat owners neglect. Yet, wouldn’t it give you a great feeling knowing that your boat is clean inside and out? However, detailing the interior is probably the most tedious task of all in boat detailing.

A surface cleaner designed for cleaning the boat’s interiors should be the option. Doing a thorough cleaning job of the boat’s interior is important if you want to maintain its look and value.

Boat detailing is one of the tedious jobs for every boat owner. Yet, maintaining the look and health of your boat is the best way to protect this large investment. Turn to the experts to learn more about boat detailing.

Disposing of hard rubbish efficiently

Waste materials are categorized accordingly. Therefore at times it’s difficult to know what rubbish goes in which category. If you have wondered what comes under hard rubbish, make sure to read the following.

What makes up hard rubbish?

Hard rubbish usually comprises of large materials which can’t go into the bin because of their size. These are pretty much durable and are often required to be broken down into smaller components to allow for proper disposal. People normally dump of their hard rubbish when they no longer require it or if it stops being useful for them. These might include kitchen appliances, any kind of electrical equipment or bits of wood and metal. Other thing which can be included the hard rubbish categories include:

  • Bedding and mattresses
  • Ceramics, glass, mirrors. However it’s important that these should be marked as fragile and put in a box before being disposed.
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Kitchen stoves and gas stoves
  • Equipment like microwaves and washing machines
  • Garden tools o garden waste
  • Asbestos material

Removing hard rubbish carefully

There are several options when it comes to the matter of disposing of hard rubbish. Plus there are also benefits of having it removed. The first being less impact on the environment. Rubbish removal companies make sure that the items are sent to a land fill and do so as efficiently as possible. This way you get to take responsibility for the environment. When hiring a hard rubbish removal company, make sure you hire someone known for their impeccable services.

While you may get rubbish removal to take away the item you no longer need. How they plan to dispose it off is something which you should be aware of. Some companies simply get it to a land fill where the rubbish is recycled accordingly. On the other hand they may give it away to someone who is less deserving. They might have affiliations with a number of charities where deserving individuals are given items based on their needs.

What can you do about it?

When it comes to hard rubbish removal, you could practice any of the following:

  • Donate it to a charity. Planning to get rid of your old phone or iPad? Maybe a child somewhere requires it more than you ever do. It’s a known fact that one man’s garbage may be another’s treasure. So make sure you follow up on it. If there are things which are still in working condition but you don’t need these so you must have the sent over to the local charity.
  • Send it over to a recycling center. There are many benefits of recycling. The major one being that it’s good for the environment.
  • A garage sale is also a good way of getting rid of your old stuff and earing hard cash from it as well. If you want to buy something new, hold a garage sale of your old items and you are good to go.
  • Hire hard rubbish removal services. If all of the above are not your cup of tea, just call in the professionals and they would handle the rest.



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