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Kripton Star Farmers Market

Saturdays (8am – 2pm), Alameda, CA

Visit to the castle and gastronomic tasting in a romantic setting of other times, with musical accompaniment.

Jack London Farmers Market

Tuesdays (10am – 2pm), Oakland, CA

The opportunity for young and old to live a unique experience as the day of the mountain dairy, from early morning to milking with the soundtrack of cowbells.

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

Thursdays (10am – 2pm), SF, CA

“Adopt a cow” is a nice initiative of Valsugana and Lagorai born to raise awareness of the uncontaminated nature of these mountains, to teach how cheese is made according to ancient methods and to understand what it means to live in a hut and bring cows to the pasture.


After the first world biotremology congress, the Edmund Mach Foundation organizes the second edition of the reference event for the study of communication based on vibrations emitted by animals. From September 4 to 7 in Riva del Garda opens the curtain on Biotremology 2018 with about seventy scientists from Europe, the United States, Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, China and Russia.

100% Organic

At the Office for the Quality of Agri-food Productions, they compete in the promotion and orientation of food consumption in compliance with national and provincial regulations. The structure also deals with the detection and control of data on food requirements, the care of consumer information and the mapping of provincial agro-food productions. In this regard we can mention some activities of the past few years such as the creation of information dossiers on some food products, food frauds, organic farming, etc.

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"agripasticciera", offers hazelnut based kits to make sweet and savory dishes at home. He wants to create a hazelnut pole in Umbria.

Mariangela Stoppini, 28 years old

Mauris porta nulla vitae aliquam luctus. Vestibulum non tempus libero. Sed ultricies diam ligula, vitae vestibulum lectus.

– Victor Novak, Califor Agro Ltd.

has created a natural ketchup sauce and has also exported it to the States. His motto? Italians do It Better.

 Bernardino Nardelli, 32

and Antonio Braico, 35, have turned their clementine calabre into snacks for snacks.

Francesco Rizzo, 30

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Causes of White Smoke from Engine

There are varied causes for white smoke from the engine. Cooler days can usually cause white exhaust smoke when a car is started. Steam condensation is generally the cause for this.

The white exhaust smoke becomes invisible when the condensation dissipates as the engine warms up. Internal coolant leaks are the possible causes of excessive white exhaust smoke can still be seen after the engine has warmed up.

Indicators of a low coolant reservoir level or an internal coolant leak include a sweet odour together with billowing white exhaust smoke. A milky and frothy appearance is seen in the engine oil when it is contaminated by an internal coolant leak.

Your car is having problems when white smoke from the exhaust is emitted. The varying types of smoke depend on the severity of the problem. However, a driver should need to understand the causes of white smoke from exhaust and ways to resolve the problem.

The various causes of white smoke from the engine include:

Leaking coolant

Leaking coolant can cause white smoke from the engine. A clear indication for a leaking coolant is the appearance of the white smoke when the car is running and not when it is started.

A mixed-up burning coolant is the main cause of this kind of white smoke. A heated car due to lack of coolant can also cause white smoke. A car should not be allowed to run when there’s a lack of coolant. Doing so will cause more serious problems to happen to the car.


Fuel pumping Injection is broken

Does diesel power your car? If it does, the fuel pumping injection timing is probably broken if a lot of white smoke happens when you start the car. It is not recommended to check or change the fuel injection on your own. This is a job that requires professional help from a mechanic.


Other car issues

A running car emitting a lot of white smoke could already be a sign of serious and costly problems. White smoke from the engine could mean:

  • Damaged fuel filter
  • Damaged cylinder head
  • Cracked or clogged engine
  • Damaged head gasket

It is recommended to have the car checked by a professional mechanic the moment you see a lot of white smoke when the car is running. One of the most cost-effective ways of maintaining your car is to have it regularly checked by a professional mechanic.

What does white smoke from engine mean? These are the possible reasons:

Cracked engine block

A cracked engine block is the most common cause of white smoke from exhaust at startup. A cracked engine block allows coolant leakage inside the cylinders and the engine combustion chamber.


Warped or cracked cylinder head

A cracked or warped cylinder head will produce a burned oil smell coming from the exhaust at startup. One way of checking is to see if the engine is overheating or coolant levels are low.


Damaged head gasket

A tailpipe dripping water is an indication of a leak in the head gasket. This means that raw fuel is pushed out by the misfired engine.

White smoke from engine happening during startup or when the car is running should not be ignored. It is already an indication that your car needs help.


Steel Fencing Melbourne

Your steel fencing needs to be attractive, strong and long-lasting. The only reason you need to source the services from reputable steel fencing companies with long-time experience and a track record. Steel fencing encompasses the right designs and high-quality materials for the fence to stand the test of time. Superior workmanship on the steel fence is a rare service synonymous with long term trade companies with reputation and experience. Apart from steel fencing, you are bound to cross by other accessories and supplies that go hand in hand with your fencing requirements.

Many homes and commercial premises have wrought iron or steel fences because of the combination of beauty and strength it has. Steel fencing is durable and timeless, perfect security for dangerous prone environments. Steel fencing still provides a decorative appeal to the property but with little maintenance requirements in the end. Steel fencing provides a decorative fence that matches the security levels demanded by the commercial and industrial merchants to give elegance and protection at the same time.

Types of fencing

Tabular fencing

This is a popular option suitable for all types of properties in the industrial and commercial arena, let alone high-end residential homes for the prominent and VIPs. The style of fencing has become a favourite because of the following advantages it brings to the table:

1.    It forms an excellent investment because it is bound to last forever once installed in place

2.    It has low maintenance, which is great for those who do not have a lot of free time

3.    Refurbish the fence with little scrubbing and repainting to look wow again.

Galvanised steel fencing

These are the type of fences meant to deliver on all facets and fronts. They are appealing to the eyes and very stable. It is an excellent investment that will last for many years. Galvanised steel fencing is a choice of many who put up steel fencing in Melbourne because of the following advantages:

1.    Affordable: Unlike other metallic materials that require a lot of prepping before becoming resistant to the harsh, unforgiving weather conditions, galvanised steel is efficient and can withstand the wear and corrosion for a long time with little cost and easy prepping.

2.    Low maintenance: They require little maintenance cost after installation, unlike other fencing materials like brass and iron, which calls for regular attention and maintenance to withstand wear and tear. Galvanised steel lasts for a long time after installation without touch-ups.

3.    Durability: Galvanised steel is made to exceed the standard industrial requirements, its life expectancy in the rural areas exceeds 50 years while its life expectancy in the coastal and urban areas exceeds 30 years.


Why choose steel fencing companies in Melbourne

        They manufacture their raw materials so the quality of steel is 100% guaranteed.

       They will deliver quality fencing to you at a reasonable price

        Long term experience in the field assures you that you will get the best services to make security issues that have been lingering on your mind for long now a thing of the past.

        You will get complementary products like pergolas and decks, driveway gates and fences at a one-stop-shop.

        After a successful installation of your steel fences, you can feel free to contact them for servicing and maintenance at a friendly cost. even many years later in their quest to build a huge clientele to ensure their market stability.



Everything to know about compact diggers in Melbourne

You might wonder if frequently seen compact excavators in construction sites can work for your planned project. You’re probably wondering if the project you have in mind can be made safer and easier using a compact digger.

Compact diggers in Melbourne are capable of performing a lot of construction tasks. This piece of equipment may be small but you need to be trained to operate them. A professional has to show you the ropes of operating the controls of manoeuvring a compact digger before work on your project begins.


Understanding the Compact Digger

Demolition and digging in small to medium-sized projects are the tasks handled by compact diggers. Here are other things to know for you to understand how compact diggers work.


Small Space Advantage

Perhaps the biggest benefit a compact digger provides is its ability to perform tasks in small or cramped spaces. Small work areas that cannot be accessed by big excavators are handled with ease by compact diggers. This piece of equipment is not only powerful; it leaves a smaller carbon footprint, making it an excellent environment-friendly option.


Powerful Attachments

The newer attachments add more power to compact diggers. The basic attachments typically used in mini excavators include:

  • Rippers
  • Augers
  • Compactor plates
  • Compaction wheels
  • Buckets
  • Excavators

Other than these traditional attachments, there are newer varieties to make the diggers handle almost any construction task.


360-Degree Cab

Controlling, manoeuvring, and driving the mini excavators are done by sitting in its cab. The cab can rotate in a full 360-degree circle, enabling the mini digger to perform tasks even in confined spaces. However, only a trained person should operate the machine to avoid untoward accidents in the worksite.


Tracks or Wheels

Mini digger models may have wheels or tracks. Projects that need the mini diggers to travel over smooth and solid surfaces should use the ones with wheels. Smooth surfaces include a road, concrete or solid floorings of buildings or warehouses.

Mini excavators with tracks are the ideal choice if the work involves rough terrain such as gravel, dirt, rocks, and grass. These tracks come in two options: rubber or steel.

Mini diggers using steel tracks make it capable of navigating rough materials or surfaces. The rubber track is best used for highly susceptible areas or smooth surfaces.

Projects requiring a Compact Digger

Projects around the garden or house make compact diggers the perfect piece of equipment to use. Their small size may deceive, but mini excavators are versatile and powerful in handling a wide range of construction jobs.

Some well-suited projects for mini diggers include:

  • Digging irrigation ditches
  • Digging holes
  • Ploughing snow
  • Creating trenches
  • Flattening landscaping
  • Demolishing small structures such as sheds
  • Removing stumps
  • Repairing sewer lines
  • Digging garden ponds and swimming pools

Almost any demolishing or digging project that is too large for a shovel to handle can be performed with ease by mini excavators. The surrounding areas of a backyard or garden are prevented from being damaged when mini diggers are used.

All kinds of construction projects in the home and on work sites can be performed with ease by compact excavators. Construction jobs get quickly done when it is handled by Melbourne mini diggers.





Factors to think about when buying Commercial Furniture Brisbane

If you have an office or business, it is the place you probably spend most of your time day in and day out. This makes it doubly important to make it a comfortable and welcoming place to stay.

The office or business can become comfy by purchasing the right furniture suited for it. The reasons for having a business office are important. One of them is buying the right commercial furniture.

Explore the different commercial furniture options available to you to make any business or office look inviting, efficient, and productive.


Factors to think about when purchasing commercial furniture


There are some factors to consider regardless of the reasons for purchasing new commercial furniture. Users will not be the only ones to feel good about the right types of office furniture. High productivity is another positive benefit provided by the right kind of commercial furniture.

The needs of your office or business

Working in the office will likely make people remain seated most of the day. The obvious requirement will be comfortable desks and chairs. Lately, ergonomic styles of tables and chairs have become the popular choice for offices. The fact that they are affordable as well as making work a bit easier is the contributing factors to make them the best choice. The interior of the office also needs other pieces of furniture to spruce up the look. The aesthetic appeal also helps to boost productivity levels of the workers.



The purchase of office furniture should be a sound investment with raised productivity as ROI. However, staying within the budget is another consideration to think about. How much money do you intend to spend on every desk or chair? How many chairs and desks do you need? Knowing way ahead of what your business needs is the best way to narrow down your options without having to do away with the quality.


Eye appeal and identity

Improving the eye appeal and identity of your office or business can be tremendously helped with the right choice of furniture. Work-related stress and moods are lightened up when the overall look of the office is aesthetically pleasing. Lightened moods also result in higher productivity levels.

Choosing the psychologically sound colours and their perfect combination partners in your furniture scheme will definitely add a positive impact to the workplace. Make sure as well that the chosen furniture colours will complement the identity of your company as well.


Functional and adaptable

Some factors need to be considered before purchasing any office furniture. Can the desk allow stretching out of your legs while working? Do the desks have room for files, computers, and other miscellaneous things? The rule of thumb is to choose the furniture that will be comfortable for everyone to use, day in and day out.


The size of the furniture

When it comes to furniture size, common sense will tell you to purchase the ones that are proportionate to the space of the office. Cramped office space will be the end result when occupied by big and bulky furniture. This will restrict your workers’ movement resulting in poor productivity. The best way to go about it is to measure the dimensions of your office before purchasing any stick of furniture.


The choice of office furniture plays an important role in the productivity levels of your workers. Increase the levels of productivity all the time with the right kinds of office furniture.

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