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Kripton Star Farmers Market

Saturdays (8am – 2pm), Alameda, CA

Visit to the castle and gastronomic tasting in a romantic setting of other times, with musical accompaniment.

Jack London Farmers Market

Tuesdays (10am – 2pm), Oakland, CA

The opportunity for young and old to live a unique experience as the day of the mountain dairy, from early morning to milking with the soundtrack of cowbells.

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

Thursdays (10am – 2pm), SF, CA

“Adopt a cow” is a nice initiative of Valsugana and Lagorai born to raise awareness of the uncontaminated nature of these mountains, to teach how cheese is made according to ancient methods and to understand what it means to live in a hut and bring cows to the pasture.


After the first world biotremology congress, the Edmund Mach Foundation organizes the second edition of the reference event for the study of communication based on vibrations emitted by animals. From September 4 to 7 in Riva del Garda opens the curtain on Biotremology 2018 with about seventy scientists from Europe, the United States, Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, China and Russia.

100% Organic

At the Office for the Quality of Agri-food Productions, they compete in the promotion and orientation of food consumption in compliance with national and provincial regulations. The structure also deals with the detection and control of data on food requirements, the care of consumer information and the mapping of provincial agro-food productions. In this regard we can mention some activities of the past few years such as the creation of information dossiers on some food products, food frauds, organic farming, etc.

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"agripasticciera", offers hazelnut based kits to make sweet and savory dishes at home. He wants to create a hazelnut pole in Umbria.

Mariangela Stoppini, 28 years old

Mauris porta nulla vitae aliquam luctus. Vestibulum non tempus libero. Sed ultricies diam ligula, vitae vestibulum lectus.

– Victor Novak, Califor Agro Ltd.

has created a natural ketchup sauce and has also exported it to the States. His motto? Italians do It Better.

 Bernardino Nardelli, 32

and Antonio Braico, 35, have turned their clementine calabre into snacks for snacks.

Francesco Rizzo, 30

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How to maintain your car air conditioning system in the Gold Coast

The number of people who have cars in the Gold Coast is very high today. However, most of these people who own cars do not take their time to find out whether there are ways they can ensure that all the parts of their cars are functioning in the right manner. One of the parts of your car that you need to take care of is your air conditioning system. This is because it is also among the parts of your car that are very important, especially when you are travelling for very long distances in the hot sun.  You must be well versed with how the air conditioning system of your car works before you know how to ensure that it runs as expected.

This will help you ensure that you do not have a journey that you will always equate to a nightmare because of an air conditioning system failure. There are so many ways in which you can ensure that your air conditioning system is fine. This involves maintaining it on a regular basis without failing. When you regularly maintain the air conditioning system of your car, you will not only make your car comfortable by improving the air quality, but you will also ensure that you increase the lifespan of your car air conditioning system. The following are some of the ways that you can maintain your car air conditioning system:

1. Ensure that you run the air conditioning every week.

One of the ways you can apply to ensure that you have maintained your air conditioning is by ensuring that you run the air conditioning every week. However, most of the people will argue that air conditioning should only be left to run only when you are travelling. Since this is not the case, you should ensure you run it once or twice a week for not more than 10 minutes.  This will ensure that the pressure of the gas in the air conditioning system stays at an optimum level while the compressor is in the right condition. Therefore the chances of any mechanical problems will be reduced.

2. Ensure that you recharge your air conditioning often.

The other way of ensuring that your air conditioning is running as expected is by ensuring that you recharge it often.  When you check your car air conditioning system regularly, you will be in a position to know when the coolant requires be recharging or refilling. For this reason, your car air conditioning will always function as expected. The other benefit of the maintenance of the air conditioning is that you will be able to know if the coolant in the air conditioning is leaking, and hence you can do the repairs required before the condition worsens.

3. Clean your car regularly.

The other maintenance tips that help in ensuring that you increase the lifespan of the air conditioning is ensuring that your car is clean at all times. When you are cleaning the car, clean the air conditioning system also to ensure that no dust particles are clogging the system, thereby reducing its efficiency.

4. Always ensure that the air filter is cleaned.

The other important thing that you need to do is cleaning the air filter. This will ensure that you remove the dirt and dust that is there. However, you will need to remove it as you clean and only replace it when it is dry.

If you run into problems with your car’s aircon, don’t panic! Ther are a lot of car electricians who can repair your car air conditioning on the Gold Coast.




Choosing the right marina in Sydney

So you have chosen the perfect boat for yourself? The next step is then to find a marina berth to house that boat. Since you have made a major investment you have got to make sure your investment is protected. While people go all out when it comes to spending on a boat, they don’t pay much attention to its protection. When it comes to picking a marina, people simply looking for cheap options. They are willing to compromise on a lot of factors. It should be kept in mind though, the right marina berth would help keep the boat safe and secure.

When choosing a marina, make sure to keep the following things in mind:

  • While most people want a marine which is closer to the sea, it is usually a good idea to go for one which offers shelter from wind waves and boat traffic. A slip which is completely exposed to all these might find docking difficult. Choose a marina which is in the calm waters. It offers you more time to relax before your boat trip and have a chat with friends and make the necessary plans. Plus a boat which is often exposed to a great deal of pushing around by the wind and waves might suffer from more wear and tear.
  • Sheltered marinas offer protection form boat traffic as well. This works well for people who don’t use their boats too often and might often have to leave their boats docked up during the weekends.
  • Some marina slips are not suitable for vessels of a certain size or type. Smaller vessels can be left in a harbor on the ground but it won’t work for a bigger vessel. It would actually damage the boat. Also taking out the boat might be a problem. Some marinas become impassable in case the tide is too high. So make sure you know the dimensions of the boat and the marina to make sure that you have chosen a suitable docking place for your vessel.

  • All of the slips have a maximum size limit for boats. You have got to make sure that your boat is the right size for a particular slip. Just make sure that you have ample space to prevent your bot from banging against the docks a great deal. There should also be enough space to maneuver the boat. It’s better to avoid problems by choosing a marina which is the right size for the boat.
  • Choosing a marina also depends on how often you go boating and for what purpose you use the boat. Do you prefer heading out towards the ocean and enjoy fishing? Or are you the kind who simply likes a small cruise around the harbor having a merry time with loved ones? You need to make sure that the location of the marina is in keeping with the activities you have in mind. A marina which is far from the ocean is going to cost less but it depends on whether you see it as an advantage or a problem.

Empire Marina berths in Sydney will satisfy all your requirements for the perfect place to store your boat.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Hiring A Land Surveyor In Brisbane

Anytime you need to have land surveying services; you must have the best surveyors so that the quality of services you require can be delivered. However, most people think that land surveying is quite an easy task, but the truth is that it is one of the most demanding jobs and requires too much effort. For this reason, anytime when you need a land surveyor, there is a protocol that you must follow so that you cannot fall in the hands of a land surveyor who does not know the kind of work he or she is required to deliver. For this reason, always ensure that you have keenly selected the best land surveyors so that you can be happy with the results they will provide. In this article, we will discuss the questions that you should ask yourself when you are selecting a land surveyor in Brisbane.

Is the land surveyor experienced?

The first question that you should ask yourself is whether the land surveyor you are about to hire has the experience that is required to partake the land surveying project or not.  Since by the look you cannot tell whether the land surveyor has the level of expertise that you are looking for, always ask the land surveyor the number of years and also the projects that they have finished in the past. This will help you determine whether the land surveyor has the land surveying skills and knowledge that the land surveyor has learned from past experiences. In case the land surveyor has high levels of experience, they will be able to deliver better results. Always go for the land surveyors who are experienced since they are skilled and knowledgeable in land surveying.

Is the land surveyor licensed?

When a land surveyor is fully trained, they will always get a license to show that they are qualified in providing the required services. However, there are so many land surveyors in Brisbane who are still using fake licenses out of greed. To avoid hiring such land surveyors to ensure that you have asked the land surveyors to produce their licenses for you to check. When you hire a land surveyor who has been licensed, you will be contented with the services they will deliver since they will be as per your expectations. In case you want to know the land surveyors who have a valid license, they will not hesitate to provide it to you for review, but any land surveyor with a fake license will not hand it to you.

Does the land surveyor have insurance?

Any land surveyor must have an insurance cover. It is also a significant consideration that you should make when you are choosing a land surveyor.  The insurance is essential since when the land surveyor is injured during the land surveying, you will not be responsible but if the land surveyor does not have insurance, you will have to pay for any injuries that the land surveyor may have.


Is the land surveyor professional?

When you are hiring a land surveyor, you should ensure that you ask them questions dealing with land surveying so that you can determine whether they are professional land surveyors or not. Apart from asking those questions, you should find out the approaches that the land surveyor is using in any task they have. Surveyors at Work are surveyors in Brisbane who are experienced in the field. Give them a call when you are ready to have your property surveyed.



Causes of White Smoke from Engine

There are varied causes for white smoke from the engine. Cooler days can usually cause white exhaust smoke when a car is started. Steam condensation is generally the cause for this.

The white exhaust smoke becomes invisible when the condensation dissipates as the engine warms up. Internal coolant leaks are the possible causes of excessive white exhaust smoke can still be seen after the engine has warmed up.

Indicators of a low coolant reservoir level or an internal coolant leak include a sweet odour together with billowing white exhaust smoke. A milky and frothy appearance is seen in the engine oil when it is contaminated by an internal coolant leak.

Your car is having problems when white smoke from the exhaust is emitted. The varying types of smoke depend on the severity of the problem. However, a driver should need to understand the causes of white smoke from exhaust and ways to resolve the problem.

The various causes of white smoke from the engine include:

Leaking coolant

Leaking coolant can cause white smoke from the engine. A clear indication for a leaking coolant is the appearance of the white smoke when the car is running and not when it is started.

A mixed-up burning coolant is the main cause of this kind of white smoke. A heated car due to lack of coolant can also cause white smoke. A car should not be allowed to run when there’s a lack of coolant. Doing so will cause more serious problems to happen to the car.


Fuel pumping Injection is broken

Does diesel power your car? If it does, the fuel pumping injection timing is probably broken if a lot of white smoke happens when you start the car. It is not recommended to check or change the fuel injection on your own. This is a job that requires professional help from a mechanic.


Other car issues

A running car emitting a lot of white smoke could already be a sign of serious and costly problems. White smoke from the engine could mean:

  • Damaged fuel filter
  • Damaged cylinder head
  • Cracked or clogged engine
  • Damaged head gasket

It is recommended to have the car checked by a professional mechanic the moment you see a lot of white smoke when the car is running. One of the most cost-effective ways of maintaining your car is to have it regularly checked by a professional mechanic.

What does white smoke from engine mean? These are the possible reasons:

Cracked engine block

A cracked engine block is the most common cause of white smoke from exhaust at startup. A cracked engine block allows coolant leakage inside the cylinders and the engine combustion chamber.


Warped or cracked cylinder head

A cracked or warped cylinder head will produce a burned oil smell coming from the exhaust at startup. One way of checking is to see if the engine is overheating or coolant levels are low.


Damaged head gasket

A tailpipe dripping water is an indication of a leak in the head gasket. This means that raw fuel is pushed out by the misfired engine.

White smoke from engine happening during startup or when the car is running should not be ignored. It is already an indication that your car needs help.


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