So you have chosen the perfect boat for yourself? The next step is then to find a marina berth to house that boat. Since you have made a major investment you have got to make sure your investment is protected. While people go all out when it comes to spending on a boat, they don’t pay much attention to its protection. When it comes to picking a marina, people simply looking for cheap options. They are willing to compromise on a lot of factors. It should be kept in mind though, the right marina berth would help keep the boat safe and secure.

When choosing a marina, make sure to keep the following things in mind:

  • While most people want a marine which is closer to the sea, it is usually a good idea to go for one which offers shelter from wind waves and boat traffic. A slip which is completely exposed to all these might find docking difficult. Choose a marina which is in the calm waters. It offers you more time to relax before your boat trip and have a chat with friends and make the necessary plans. Plus a boat which is often exposed to a great deal of pushing around by the wind and waves might suffer from more wear and tear.
  • Sheltered marinas offer protection form boat traffic as well. This works well for people who don’t use their boats too often and might often have to leave their boats docked up during the weekends.
  • Some marina slips are not suitable for vessels of a certain size or type. Smaller vessels can be left in a harbor on the ground but it won’t work for a bigger vessel. It would actually damage the boat. Also taking out the boat might be a problem. Some marinas become impassable in case the tide is too high. So make sure you know the dimensions of the boat and the marina to make sure that you have chosen a suitable docking place for your vessel.

  • All of the slips have a maximum size limit for boats. You have got to make sure that your boat is the right size for a particular slip. Just make sure that you have ample space to prevent your bot from banging against the docks a great deal. There should also be enough space to maneuver the boat. It’s better to avoid problems by choosing a marina which is the right size for the boat.
  • Choosing a marina also depends on how often you go boating and for what purpose you use the boat. Do you prefer heading out towards the ocean and enjoy fishing? Or are you the kind who simply likes a small cruise around the harbor having a merry time with loved ones? You need to make sure that the location of the marina is in keeping with the activities you have in mind. A marina which is far from the ocean is going to cost less but it depends on whether you see it as an advantage or a problem.

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