Telematics solutions seem to provide timely answers to various industries and businesses. In the years past, transport and logistics businesses had to rely on a manager to keep track of vehicles, drivers, and routes.

While this was good, it was not an exact science when it comes to measuring fuel consumption, routes, and driver behaviour. Enter GPS fleet management and everything seems to become easy, quick, and hassle-free.

Can the GPS fleet management solution work for any industry?

Industries that can benefit from GPS Fleet Management

The fast-paced schedule nowadays means various businesses have to keep up or get waylaid along the way. GPS fleet management seems to provide all the speedy answers for the various industries, to include:

Courier Services

Customers are happy when their time-sensitive goods are reliably, quickly, and safely transported to them. A GPS fleet management device will provide benefits to courier services, to include:

  • Navigation and dispatching
  • Driver safety scorecard, accident notification, and detection
  • Complete visibility of costs, workforce, and assets

Towing Services

The towing industry is a highly competitive field that demands efficient and quick services all the time. The advantages of a GPS fleet management solution provides for towing services include:

  • Track PTO usage, idling trends, and fuel usage
  • Driver safety scorecard
  • Complete data of workforce, costs, and assets

Beverage & Food Delivery Services

The industry of beverage and food has to be efficient and flexible in all stages of operations. It goes without saying that customer satisfaction is always paramount. The cutting edge provided by a GPS fleet management solution includes:

  • Track idling trends and fuel consumption
  • Real-time monitoring & tracking of tire pressure & temperature
  • Optimization of routes
  • Complete outlook of assets, costs, and workforce

First Responders and Law Enforcement

For first responders and the police, the top priority is always safety. A GPS fleet tracking solution provides real-time safe and reliable views and data, including:

  • Seat belt detection & driver safety scorecard
  • Provides an animated map as a way to track live movements
  • Monitor doors with IOX-AUX, sirens, and lights
  • Optimization of routes and dispatches

Lawn & Landscaping Services

Real-time tracking of fleets and personnel is one way to keep a lawn & landscaping business moving at a good pace. Using a GPS fleet management device for this type of business gains the following advantages:

  • Tracking of idle time and fuel consumption
  • Complete data of costs, workforce, and assets
  • Provides comparison between business from personal miles
  • Driver safety scorecard & optimization of route

Heavy Equipment & Construction Business

Heavy equipment and construction are dynamic businesses that include team on-the-go, numerous job sites, and diverse assets. Streamlining operations for greater profitability becomes possible with a GPS fleet management solution to provide the following:

  • Monitoring of PTO usage and engine hours
  • Tracking idle time and fuel usage
  • Complete outlook of assets, costs, and workforce

Businesses and industries need to keep up with the latest technology trend to get a cutting edge over their competitors. If you need industry specific fleet management, find a company specializing in this service.