Dual battery systems are essential for all 4 WD enthusiasts. This is because it helps with powering the gear and ensuring that the regular battery of the car doesn’t get flat during any of your camping or work trips. While the original battery of the car is used for powering the radio and transmitters but what happens when the vehicle is stationary. Using these gear at that time can make the original battery drain completely. Being stranded on a camping trip isn’t something anyone would look forward to. This is why dual battery systems are essential for everyone owning a 4WD.

For individuals who love to camp or go fishing, having a portable fridge is pretty much essential. The fridge uses power from a battery. This is why a dual battery system is essential for all those who go on frequent camping trips. Plus a dual battery system isn’t just for fun and games only. It can help power essential gear like radio systems when the car is stationary. If you need help with installing a dual battery system we recommend having a chat with these guys.

There are quite a few ways in which the dual battery system can be installed in the vehicle. It basically depends upon the intention for which the system would be used and also the flexibility which the vehicle allows for the battery.

However, it should be kept in mind that the dual battery system should be installed in the engine bay, the passenger compartment or the load area. This is because it’s crucial for the battery to be isolated so that it doesn’t affect the starter battery.

While some engine bays have ample space for the dual battery, there are certain vehicles which might be short of space. The key is to figure out where the dual battery should be installed to make the most of it. Also, there are certain vehicles which would require additional hardware for the installation of the second battery. This would include something like a steel tray which would be fitted into the engine bay. These trays are sturdy enough to carry the load of a battery which weighs at least 15 kilos.

However. Most of the latest 4 WD’s might not have additional space in the engine bay. This is why it’s essential to find some other place to install the battery. The usual place would be the load tray or the passenger compartment. This means that extra attention should be paid to the wiring and the kind of battery which is chosen.

Advantages of a dual battery system?

  • Dual battery systems are ideal for powering extra equipment like a portable fridge etc.
  • It can also help power accessories when the vehicle is at rest.
  • Prevents the original battery of the car from going flat.

However, in cases where there is a lack of additional space for the installation of the second battery, portable batteries can come in handy. While they may not have the ease of use of a dual battery system, it would still fulfill the purpose to a certain extent.